Sunday, July 6, 2008

Allison Quets: her twins were stolen

Holly Ann and Tyler Lee turn three today.

Happy birthday, sweet children. Your mother loves you very much and is missing you terribly. And I know you are missing her. The three of you will be a family again, and this hurt you all have felt will be the past.

This case makes me wonder such pain can be endorsed by the legal system. What was a custody dispute is now a contest adoption, since the NC courts finalized the adoption on September 17, 1007. The amount of documentation proving the fraud, coercion, and child trafficking in this case is astounding, yet the children are not home.

The law states that an adoption which crosses state lines requires proceedings to comply with the laws of BOTH states. In NC, there is a 7 day time period for revocation. Ms. Quets revoked verbally within hours and legally within 2 days. She was very ill at the time all this occurred and overwhelmed. Technically, the prospective adoptive parents are in violation of the interestate laws on adoption. That means they should actually be charged with interference with parental custody and kidnapping.

Allison's twins were stolen by Kevin Needham and Denise Needham with the help of Michael Shorstein, Kathleen Stevens, Judge Mathis, and many others complicit in the greed of the Florida adoption industry. This is not a case of adoption gone bad, not at all. This is a case of corruption .

Visit Allison's site to see the documentation of corruption. The website is incredibly deep and thorough. Allison has been denied visits ; the Needhams have lied under oath ; the media reports are full of errors and omissions.


gabby said...

Why in the world do the Needhams want to do this? They are on a path to destruction. The road ahead is full of emotional and psychological problems, legal and financial problems. The best thing to do now would be the most courageous and admirable thing - to admit that the twins belong with their mother and set this thing right. Otherwise, they doomed.

Researcher said...

I agree, Gabby. The best chance those twins have of a good life is with Allison Quets. What will become of them when they learn the truth, that their bond with her was broken by the very people they are expected to trust and love. Holly and Tyler will hate Kevin Needham and Denise Needham.